What is a domain name, and why do you need one?

Simply put, a domain name is the "website.com" that you see and use on your everyday internet browsing.

Owning a domain means you can use it to publish a website on the internet for others to browse, or use it as part of your email address. So people can send email to "yourname@yourdomain.com" instead of a public generic @outlook.com or @gmail.com email.

You can learn more about domains in our Domain FAQ section.

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Domain Pricing

Common Domains

These common TLDs (Top-Level Domains) can be registered by anyone. They are the most common use and sought for.

Domain Annual fees Recommended for
.com RM 60 General use.
.net RM 70 General use.
.org RM 70 Organizations, especially for non-profit.
.biz RM 70 Corporate & businesses.
.co RM 115 Corporate & businesses.
.name RM 45 Personal use.
.me RM 95 Personal use.
.info RM 65 Informational site.

Generic Domains

These domains are designed to serve special interest groups or industries. Although less commonly used, they can make your online identity stand out to be more interesting. They can be registered by anyone.

Domain Annual fees Recommended for
.club RM 55 Interest clubs, community clubs, social clubs, night clubs etc.
.live RM 90 Live broadcast.
.vip RM 60 VIP services.
.online RM 145 Online services.
.design RM 185 Designer firm or portfolio site.
.travel RM 460 Travel agencies & bloggers.
.media RM 110 Media firm or portfolio site.
.studio RM 90 Studio & gallery.
.cafe RM 110 Cafe, coffee industry, cyber cafe, etc.
.asia RM 60 Asia-Pacific region.
.shop RM 135 Online shop.
.store RM 215 Online store.
.tv RM 140 TV broadcasting or streaming site.
.blog RM 105 Online blog.
.cloud RM 90 Online cloud services.

There are many more generic domains available. Let us know your area of interests, and we will help you find out what the options that best suit your needs.

Malaysia Domains

Malaysia domains can only be registered by Malaysia citizen or Malaysia registered companies.

Domain Annual fees Only eligible for
.com.my RM 80 Malaysia registered company.
.net.my RM 80 Malaysia registered company.
.org.my RM 80 Malaysia registered company.
.name.my RM 32 Malaysia citizen.
.my RM 120 Malaysia citizen.

Other country domains are also available, and may have special requirements in order to be registered. Let us know what domains are you looking for, and we will check the eligibility with you.

Other Notes & Disclaimers